Snack Factory : Acefood – Trusted Snack Producer since 1986

Snack factory is already a lot in Indonesia. Snack Factory quality and healthy snack that would be chosen to maintain the health of the family. One factory is qualified Acefood. Acefood been known as a manufacturer of snacks and also distributor in Indonesia. The company was established in 1986 by having the name of PT. Sentral Multirasa Utama. At that time, the factory was built in Bogor. The company was founded on the commitment to meet the global needs of snacks.

The company is growing by developing snacks made from staple foods typical of Indonesia. Cassava and maize is one of them so chosen as the main raw material. In fact, the company Acefood is the first snack company to innovate and produce cassava chips Crinkle Cut in Indonesia.

Factory Acefood Indonesia with a product that really turns getting incredible response from the local market, not only because the Indonesian people are very fond of cassava and maize but because snacks are produced quality and tastes good. Some snacks brand that is well known in the market is “Chuba”, “Mr Hottest” and “Tes”.

Based on the development of technology and the changing times, eventually the company also developed several products and other innovations, such as snack products made from corn. The results obtained market was also very impressive, even making snack products Acefood company become a market leader.

Factory Acefood not just stop at just one product and innovation. The company is always evolving according to the development needs of the community. When the needs and lifestyle of the people change, the company also developed to assist in evaluating the needs of the market. The company also provides services that will facilitate the community to achieve the goals and needs. Increasingly modern society, with a very high degree of mobility makes them to be prepared with supplies and healthy snacks weight. The reason that makes Acefood can survive and consistently deliver products of high quality and tasteful modern society.

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