Snack Manufacturer – Acefood’s Excellence

Snack Manufacturer with good quality of course must have good credibility and trustworthiness. One of the best snack producers owned by Indonesia is Acefood. Acefood is a manufacturer and distributor of snack in Indonesia. At its inception, namely in 1986, the company named PT. Central Main Multirasa. At that time, the company was built to meet the global needs of snacks. The factory was first built in Bogor.

Company from its inception was to develop snacks derived from staple food of Indonesia, namely cassava. And in fact, this company is the first company engaged in the snack food industry that process raw materials typical of Indonesia. The flagship product is the most attractive market Crinkle Cut cassava chips. Crinkle Cut Crisps cassava in Indonesia is always in demand by the public from the beginning until now. When now the public has been able to find a lot of similar products on the market, the company has also come to Acefood offers with other variants of the newer and can meet the needs of the market.

Acefood recognized by people across the archipelago with its products, among others, “Chuba”, “Mr Hottest” and “Tes”. Each of these products has a diverse variants and in accordance with the wishes and needs of the market. Examples of variants Mr Hottest cassava chips, among others:

  • Mr Crinkle Cut cassava chips Hottest Sambal Balado.
  • Mr. cassava chips Hottest Crinkle Cut Beef Roast.
  • Mr Crinkle Cut Hottest cassava chips Grilled Cheese.
  • Mr. cassava chips Hottest Crinkle Cut Sweet Corn Spicy.

Acefood provide a variety of flavors and types vary. Along with the development of requirements and technologies, not only cassava is used as the main ingredient but Acefood also began to develop products derived from corn, which is the product “Stick-Stick”, “Twis Corn”, “Snack Pillow” and “Maitos Corn Chip”. Each variant is still divided into a number of variants of a particular flavor, which can be selected according to consumer tastes.

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