Snack Producer – Acefood Vision to be the Best Snack Producer

Snack manufacturer, like other food companies should be very concerned about the quality of production, as it will affect many people. Snack manufacturer with good quality should be able to show the positive side both inside and outside the company. Good companies do not just push employees to create something, but should have the vision and mission of the company that can deliver in the form of real success.

As done by Acefood, this company has a vision that is as light snacks and beverages company is known and consumed worldwide. So, is not wrong if the product is also very attractive to consumers? This is due to a clear vision. If a company’s vision was clear, he would clearly also produce a product and no half measures. It was later made a successful product on the market or not.

Good snack manufacturer also must think about the mission in running a company, and in producing a product. For example, the products produced by Acefood, namely “Chuba”, “Mr Hottest” and “Test”. Why is the product that carries the original material belonging to Indonesia can simply dominate the market? What do Acefood to pave the way its products in the market? Apparently Acefood have a clear vision and mission. Mission and vision is then used as a benchmark to take a path to manufacture and market its products.

Acefood mission are as follows:

  • Using sophisticated technology and modern.
  • Producing snacks and drinks are safe and of high quality.
  • Build national and international distribution channels.
  • And implementing total quality system certification: GMP, HACCP and ISO.
  • Human Resources Recruiting reliable, best and reliable in the field.
  • Build top of mind Brands that are loved by people of Indonesia and the International.
  • Creating a dynamic, peaceful and prosperous.
  • Building a Human Resource that can work together and grow the company.
  • Being a blessing to others and participate in the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Snack company or any company should be able to bring the vision and mission a reality that can be perceived as a success, including by consumers because they are the one who enjoy your product.

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