Snack Foods – Tips to Choose Healthy Snacks

Snack food is a type of food that is quite important, especially for people who have a high level of mobility. Snack foods should have adequate nutrients to help launch the activity which is increasingly crowded. An office worker usually always busy with work piled up and sometimes make it “forget” your lunch break or always late into the night. To stay in shape and not sacrificing your health for the sake of your career, you should prepare a healthy snack for your everyday friends, whether it’s to accompany you overtime or the stomach when it is not time for a lunch break. By the time you choose a snack, you should choose healthy snacks. It should not be ideal, but should you choose a snack food ingredient nutritional composition of the following approaches:

  1. No more than 200 calories. Because this is where your number is enough to keep your metabolism. So you can get back to work even harder.
  2. Contains 3 grams of fiber. Because the fiber is processed slowly by the body and can help improve your energy intake. In addition, fiber can absorb water and floating in your stomach. This makes us feel full. If we remain satisfied, then our performance will not be compromised.
  3. Contains at least 5 grams of protein. Protein can produce hormone in the body that can increase the sense of satisfaction in our bodies. For that, we need protein to remain employed.
  4. Less than 12 grams of fat. This amount will ensure that you still get the benefits of fat but also keep your weight maintained.

Good snack foods should be chosen based on some of the following characteristics:

  • Observe the color. If you snack too brightly colored and flashy, then you should not select. Because the colors are too bright which has been coupled with a dye that is not safe for the body.
  • Trying given sample. Believe in your tongue because the tongue has sensors to choose which foods are safe and which are not. If you are trying to snack was sharp, making a scratchy throat and made a little tongue vibrate, then it is not safe snack.
  • Smell the aroma. The smell of food can you make a benchmark for selecting snack. Do not choose a snack that has smelled rancid.
  • Consider the composition. The materials contained in this package you should consider carefully.
  • Consider quality. Avoid snacks that are contaminated with mold. Note the expiration date to avoid eating foods that are not worth eating.
  1. Registered in BPOM. Check food packaging you choose, whether or not registered BPOM. Be sure to choose another snack that has been registered, for example, the product of Acefood include “Chuba”, “Mr Hottest” and “Test”.

Snacks for Children – Tips to Choose Good Quality Snacks for Children

Snacks for children on the market has been very difficult to control. Snacks for children that is in the market can be very dangerous for children and families. For this reason there is always a call to always choose which snacks are healthy and which are not. Refusing child’s desire to buy snacks is difficult. This is what makes us as parents have to be smart to be able to choose the right snacks that children’s health is not compromised.

Hygiene and safety snacks for kids that are outside the home are not clear and are not guaranteed. Snack at random could bring harm to the health of children. Well, to maintain quality of the snacks they eat our children, you should note the following:

  1. You should always provide snacks or healthy snacks for your child. Your job as a parent is to be able to see and choose which snacks are supposed to provide for the child. Tips for choosing healthy snacks are:
  • Make sure that the snacks you choose is safe for consumption by your child. The meaning is made hygienically safe and has been proven through laboratory tests.
  • Snacks that you choose should be free from excessive taste and odor.
  • Choose snacks that are sealed packaging and are not transparent.
  • Make sure you choose snacks that do not contain harmful chemicals.
  1. Healthy snacks for childrenalso should be considered elderly by doing the latter, by educating children to always choose snacks that are safe and healthy. One way to educate children is to bring supplies. Well to bring lunch for your children, also be able to do variations. You probably would prefer to give food that you cook yourself because it is more hygienic. But you can also provide a snack manufacturer of quality manufacturers, such as products from Acefood.
  1. Snacks for children produced by Acefood is promising a safe and tasty products and derived from natural ingredients from Indonesia, namely cassava and maize. As for the other kind “Chuba”, “Mr Hottest” and “Tes”.