Snack Manufacturer Namely Acefood

Acefood had been experienced and recognized by the public since 1986. Acefood continue to innovate in order to meet the needs of people in every era, in every era because people have different views and different needs. Acefood always trying to add value to every product they produce.

One of the most interesting of these is always forward Acefood natural ingredients Indonesia to create high quality products. Since the company’s inception, it has been decided to always make snacks that are made from materials native to Indonesia, namely cassava and maize. If in the old days people still thought occurred to consume cassava as a snack, then after emerging from Acefood these products, people are starting to realize how rich this country.

Acefood committed to providing high-quality snacks and is also favored by consumers worldwide. As a result has a lot of awards or achievements that have been attained by this company. Acefood The company has been growing rapidly since market demand is increasing rapidly. The second factory was established in 2009 in Bogor under the name. Anugrah Food Future Era.

Both factories were established in Bogor was awarded Halal Government Agency in the production process with an “A” or “Good”. Achievement is to further increase consumer confidence to continue to put faith in this product. Increasingly in the future, the name and quality of the company is growing rapidly. Later in 2010, two companies that have been established are joined under one group, namely Acefood.

Snack Manufacturer namely Acefood gained achievements include:

  • Halal Assurance System for PT. Sentral Multirasa Utama.
  • Halal Assurance System for PT. Anugrah Cita Era Food.
  • Halal Cassava Chips.
  • Halal Corn Stick.
  • Halal Corn Chips.